Welcome to the Unofficial Ryver API Docs!

This project aims to document the Ryver API for developers. This is not an official Ryver documentation. Unknown entries are marked with a ???.

Ryver's API is built around the OData.org protocol. You can write queries for a number of purposes, including getting data about forums and users. For more information, please see the OData documentation.

If you'd like to contribute, feel free to send a PR to the GitHub repo. You can also join us on Ryver!

This unofficial documentation was written by MD678685 and is licensed under the CC0 license (public domain).



Entities are how OData represents objects on the server.


When you see a URI like this: /forums(<id>)/, it is relative to <account_name>.ryver.com/api/1/odata.svc/.


When you see a format with <>s used as brackets, they are placeholders. In most cases, they will be properties of the entity and/or will be linked to. However, <account_name> refers to the name of your Ryver account (the part between the https:// and .ryver.com).


If you see result. before a property, the result refers to objects in d.results.